Apple – Duplicate is stupid – it’s Save As…

By October 6, 2014Blog, Rants, Technology

Apple is back at it again in Yosemite. You’d think from the back-lash from the Mavericks Duplicate/Save As.. debacle that they would have figured this out. Ol’ Steve-o didn’t leave enough reality distortion magic behind when he left for Apple for that big glass Apple Store in the sky to convince the world that “Duplicate” can replace “Save As..” as a better apple-ly way of doing things. Duplicate functions very differently from “Save As…” and leaves a bunch of windows open. It’s close, but not the same. Basically I hate it and adds an extra step to the work-flow process by having to close a bunch of duplicated open windows. (Apple just sucks as software now… but thats another Rant…)

Here is how you fix it and add “Save As…” back into the menu shortcuts. AGAIN.
System Preferences -> Keyboard -> App Shortcuts.

Just add the “Save As…” Forget the “Duplicate” if you use any Adobe Apps. Actually. Actually, just forget about duplicate either way. It’s stupid.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.00.08 AM

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