Prototyping Online – Why?

By | Blog, Technology

I just tried and before that I messed with Prototyping by UXPin. The other hot one right now seems to be Fluid UI. I’m not a huge fan of all the online prototyping tools that are coming out. Just like all the other wizbang whatever frameworks that…

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My KUBUNTU Apps – Install Commands

By | Start, Technology

I put this helpful guide together for my sons 9th grade computer tech friends using Kubuntu 17.04. First open this link in Firefox in Kubuntu or Ubuntu. Then find the terminal in the start menu called Konsole. You guys can copy these commands and enter them there: Install…

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Karma In The Dark

By | Blog, Rants

It’s 10pm and my son comes running in from the neighbors house outta breath because he wanted to borrow something, but he was running because he said it sounded like something was in the woods between the houses like an animal… so I was watching the last 15…

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