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Like music, drawing, painting or even architectural design, code is an art form. I get to create some amazing things that people see, use and touch everyday. It’s one of my favorite things to (compose, if you will) a piece of code, that inspires someone to interact with it!

There are a bunch of really cool websites and projects (over 40+) that I’ve worked on and developed from the ground up here in my portfolio. Wanna see them? Because I’d love to show you! Email me and I’ll send you password if you ask nicely. Then maybe we can talk about any other creative needs you may have!

I’ve launched over 100 WordPress websites, as well as worked on many interactive and digital projects (heaven). I’ve even designed, sent and managed hundreds of email marketing and automation campaigns for businesses over the years (because hell is fun to visit). I’m also a sudo expert at FCC and FTC email marketing laws in the US.


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