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Code Of Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

By Rants, Web Development

Professionalism. Integrity. Competence. Design professionals have certain fundamental obligations to society, to clients, to the profession, and to peers and colleagues. The Code of Professional Conduct states guidelines and rules for the conduct of design professionals in fulfilling those obligations. The Code is arranged in three tiers of…

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By Technology, Web Development
Here is my free font recommendation of the week. Sansation features: • more than 500 glyphs • advanced language support (including Cyrillic and Greek) • ligatures • oldstyle figures • alternates (such as a usual lowercase k) • real italics You can learn more about the font here and download...
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Pull to Refresh

By Blog, Web Development

I love that neat little “pull to refresh” feature on our mobile devices, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was for the web? Well, that’s what Hook is here to do. We took a concept from mobile phones and tablets and made it work for the web. Try…

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