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Customize My Account For WooCommerce Font Awesome Icons Not Loading Fix

By March 11, 2021March 15th, 2021Start

If you’re using the Customize My Account For WooCommerce plugin from WooCommerce, there is a conflict with any theme that includes Font Awesome. The author of this plugin included a non no-conflict self hosted version in the plugin.

Once you active the plugin and customize your dashboard everything works as expected, until you login. Once you login, the customized dashboard plugins enqueues a localized version of Font Awesome that overrides any cdn version included in your themes scripts.

Basically anytime you see this happening with Font Awesome, there is either a plugin calling a newer version of Font Awesome than your theme included or a plugin author included a self-hosted version in their plugin and wrote some sort of php include file that is calling specific css styles in an array that are conflicting with your theme.

Note: I’m not a huge fan of WordPress and WooCommerces invasive e-commerce platform to start with, but their author support is even worse in their walled pay-garden. So after a few non-billable hours of troubleshooting and the WooCommerce/Author not responding, I did what I always do and figured out why my icons weren’t showing up myself.

So back to Customize My Account For WooCommerce. The Author still hasn’t replied, so if your having this issue, this is how you fix it.┬áNavigate to wp-content/plugins/customize-my-account-page-for-woocommerce/includes/WoocommerceCustomizer.php and edit the file. Go to Line 471 and comment out the following code to fix your theme:

plugin_dir_url( TGWC_PLUGIN_FILE ) . "assets/js/fontawesome/all{$this->suffix}.js",
array( 'jquery' ),


//plugin_dir_url( TGWC_PLUGIN_FILE ) . "assets/js/fontawesome/all{$this->suffix}.js",
//array( 'jquery' ),