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What Damn Fold? RANT

By February 2, 2018March 5th, 2021Rants

It’s 2018 – wanna know what makes my eye twitch? Every device in the world that has ever existed that has ever displayed the internet in any way, shape or form has always scrolled down to display additional content. Heck, until modern responsive design, most every application on a computer since the 50’s green screens from word processors to email clients have scrolled down to display additional content!?

If your still talking about a magical “fold” on a website while looking at a iPad Mini or some ultra portable laptop and complaining because you didn’t know you had to “scroll down” to see more content, then I don’t know if there is any help for you. I’ve seen 5 year olds with tablets and phones that’ve figured this stuff out, so don’t use the excuse clients may not be able to figure it out either as an excuse. Over 80% of the worlds connected internet traffic is mobile – and believe me, they all know to scroll down to see more content. My almost 70 year old parents are addicted likes small kids to candy to their iPads after ditching desktop computing years ago, and they know how to navigate hundreds of sites and apps just fine too.

While developers are talking about fitting objects to a viewport, mobile first design and application development, you get some jack-off with their screen zoomed in and their fonts size cranked up on a desktop browser bewildered about where the rest of the content on a site is?

(Can’t we fit every last bit of content and navigation into the first inch of the site so our users know to …blah, blah, blah.. NO. )

Anyone talking about “the fold” anymore shouldn’t be making design decisions. Period.

Life goals this year – the motto:
I will ignore the words “the fold” – when anyone uses it in a sentence while criticizing any project I am working on!

EDIT: This article by Time Magazine is gold and you should read it. It pretty much sums up my thoughts about the misconceptions of users on the web and the mystical fold.