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Going Digital

By May 24, 2011Blog, Rants

So I carry a lot of crap around with me in my laptop bag. Mostly things like my handy-dandy PHP phrase book and my MySQL Quick Reference guides and my Microsoft UA and Administration books so I don’t forget half the stuff I think I know, as well as a dozen different notebooks filled to overflowing with various snippets of HTML, css, javascript code, php tricks, terminal commands and random things that I have learned over the years that I don’t want to forget.

For some time now I have wanted to get my notes into some type of digital form that I could quickly access from my computer. Luckily for me, one of my most frequently visited web development sites had an ad for a program called Snippets — All I can say is it’s freeking awesome.

This is the program description: Snippets is a powerful application for Mac OS X that stores the most valuable pieces of code you can reuse in different projects many times. The main idea is to make the process of reusing as easy as possible to avoid wasting your valuable time to write the same code again.

I would absolutely recommend this to any developers or for that matter, anyone who reuses any type of digital copy over and over again and needs a quick way to organize and access the information once it is entered.