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Is it time for a new website?

By August 12, 2018March 5th, 2021Web Development

Is looking at your website painful?

Are there parts of your website not functioning properly? Does your site even work on a phone or tablet? Was it launched before 2012? Does it rank with major search engines? Can you or anyone at your company even update your site or even know how?

All of these are valid questions. With over 80% of people shopping and researching companies online before they visit or buy, more than ever you need your website working to convert those people into potential customers. This means your old website might need some attention to get the job done and generating more business in this digital age.

Business needs and goals change over time, and so should your digital presence on the web. With todays internet driven market, the majority of the first impressions of any company and brand comes from visiting that companies website.

If your website is broken, out of date, and generally unusable, your probably loosing potential customers. This is why it’s recommended on average to update a corporate website every three years to keep your website UI and content fresh. Then at least updating the entire core software every 5 years to stay relent with modern technologies and security.

Here’s a checklist of 6 things to ask about your current website. If you don’t like the answers, it’s probably time to update.


When you visit your site are there broken links and images?

This can be a huge turn off to visitors if they think your site is broken. It could also be a even worse sign that your site has been hacked. Managing content and images in modern websites is easier than ever, if your having these issues it’s probably time to update your website.

Can you visit your site on your phone?

Over 80 of the internet traffic is mobile, so the days of only viewing a website on a desktop computer has passed. If your site isn’t mobile friendly or responsive your missing out on a huge market of potential customers. This is probably the biggest sign your website needs a change.

Can you edit your site yourself?

Or do you rely on a developer or some coder in IT every time you want to make a change? Modern websites are as easy to log into and edit as it is to create a Word document as save it. You should be able to change and add content yourself. If you can’t do this at a minimum, know that there are many website content management systems available to choose from that will make updating your content on you website a breeze.

Is your website and server secure?

Did Bob in accounting have his nephew put a site up for your business? Do you know who owns your domain or what other software is running on your server? Todays hosting solutions have many options for running security and malware software and you need to be assured that these are installed and keeping your site and your visitors safe.

Do you have an SEO program in place?

With a over billion websites out there, search engines need to know about your website and the content you are sharing. If if you have a good website, without an SEO program, users may still have a hard time finding your business because your not showing up in search results.

Does your website convert?

Can people actually contact you, place an order or send a quote request though your site? Is your form email even working? Are the calls to action to get users to interact visible and easy to find on all devices? If your website traffic is not converting, this may be a sign its time for an update.

Website development changes rapidly. Staying relevant and updating your website (one of your most valuable marketing tools) is critically important now more than ever. Besides, there is no better or more cost-effective way to advertise your business than on the World Wide Web than with a great website. If you feel like your website needs some help and you don’t know where to turn just contact me here and I can help.