Karma In The Dark

By August 15, 2017May 16th, 2018Blog, Rants

It’s 10pm and my son comes running in from the neighbors house outta breath because he wanted to borrow something, but he was running because he said it sounded like something was in the woods between the houses like an animal… so I was watching the last 15 minutes of a movie and he sat there with me.. then when it was over I got what he wanted and he exited though the garage door to go back to his buddys house.

Being the dad that I am, I immediately went out the back door to try and catch him on the road and scare the crap outta him, but he caught me and it didn’t work out so well scaring him, so I just walked him over in the dark down our road laughing about it a bit..

When suddenly, there are these two eyes come right outta the woods and they’re coming right for me.. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was kinda big, and all I’m thinking is a bob cat or a coyote or something… my son starts yelling “what the heck is that”.. because neither of us can see because its dark on our road… so it gets like three feet from me and I’m hissing, kicking and yelling at it and I’m trying to back into the road toward the streets light so I can see what this thing is right.. so i’m yelling at my son to stay back and run to his friends house.. when I trip on my butt in the road and go into total fight mode because for all the crazy i’m yelling at it.. it’s still coming right at me..

First two kicks I miss and it backs off and I finally get up ready to run…. then it comes right back.. thats when I look over at my back door of my house and realize I left the screen door open when I snuck out to try and scare my kid…

Realization sets in..

It was my own stupid dog who just followed me out the back door and I didn’t know it… Ugghhh.. stupid dog.. scared the crap outta me my heart is beating so hard… moral of the story.. karma works really fast some times when you try to prank scare one of your kids…