Nintendo Switch Review Post E3 2017

By June 28, 2017Blog, Rants, Technology

Well, I bought a Switch against my better judgement. The Wii and WiiU were utter wastes of money that never really panned out to anyones expectations. Now that E3 2017 has passed and I eagerly awaited to hear if any 3rd part titles would ship for this console, all my fears were realized.

I feel like a paid $500 US dollars to play a version of Zelda that should have been released 8 years ago on a console with no Netflix or web browser. It has an empty online store vacant of AAA titles where everything says coming soon. To make matters worse, Zelda still has some motion control elements and the WIFI needs to be within 10 feet of a router to get service. THE NAIL in the coffin for me… NO VIRTUAL CONSOLE. Apparently these are all coming soon…

There is a thing thats happening right now in software, where software companies have deemed it ok to  just randomly say that a feature or service is coming soon because they lump whatever they are talking about into the IoT category, and honestly it’s not ok anymore.

Iot (Internet of Thing) is a great concept where everything lives within this ever connected and updating eco system that is constantly bringing new features, revisions, updated and UI/UX concepts to users in real time. I get the appeal, but I also get the end user frustration. Windows 10 seems like a mess of a user beta most of the time following this model, and lots of apps and games release as betas or with the promise of DLC via a download later to update and expand.

Why is it no one can release a finished stand alone product anymore with features and functionality that work right out of the box. The Nintendo switch is no different. It wasn’t finished and they tried to release something cool, they just should have waited. I think this is pretty much what happened to SEGA back in the day. I think Nintendo is dead, everyone knows it except them. I’m sure they’ll become a handheld company and kill the console business before going belly up and becoming a software only company.

I grew up on Nintendo, but they bet long and hard on motion controlled gaming and the industry as a whole said no. It failed to bring me back and many others, and this was their last hurrah for me. I think the switch is an awesome concept, but without any titles or third party software… who cares. I’m kinda sick of Mario and Link in cartoon rendered graphics when I have a PC and a PlayStation that play AAA games in 4k, are fast and look realistic.

Nintendo as a whole needs about 6 brand new IP’s that aren’t centered around a cartoon looking kids characters or rehashed games from the 90’s. Even the announcement of Skyrim is a non-starter for most RPG gamers, because like me, most RPG’ers already own a copy of it on every device that supports it and have played it for years on end since it was released. To take that further, they added the thing that RPG’ers and serious gamers hated most about Nintendo’s consoles (MOTION CONTROLS) and pretty much turned off anyone who loves the game from buying it on the Switch. One step forward, three steps back.

I would have been more excited to have Elder Scrolls Online, or announcements of new multi-player and Co-op games franchises in the works. Maybe third party indi developers will come through with porting a bunch of mobile games. Hopefully Ocean Horn 2 make it on there, and I’d like to see a bunch of other mobile games get ported, but it seems like a ling shot.

What I hope more, is Apple or Android copies this concept and turns my iPad, tablet or laptop into a portable gaming device that does the exact same thing by plugging it into a dock. Think about having Steam installed on your iPad with games that you could plug into a switch like dock, then just pick up a controller and play?! Then at least I’d have 1000’s of games at my fingertips and a proper version of Netflix, email and a web browser. Still, since this thing does run a version of linux, I hope as a conselation for all of us who are feeling let down, someone figures out to add a ton of classic games via a terminal and the USB port.

I REALLY wanted the Switch to be the awesome be-all Nintendo console. Time will tell, but I doubt that Nintendo will ever listen to it’s user base enough to right the ship, hopefully as it continues to sink, they’ll listen to their investors.