My Pastime Hobby

Apparently photography is this crazy science like art where you point a camera at something and if you take enough shots quickly and consecutively in a row one of them is bound to be awesome. Apparently this is where you lie and tell everyone you got the perfect picture on the first shot and delete the rest.

I’m not a professional by any means. However, living in the Great Lakes region of the US provides plenty of landscape canvas for snapping beautiful images with a camera, so I have lots of Michigan canvas to practice with.

Anyways, the image to the left is my life muse – which I find infinitely hilarious, because it’s the best representation of life I’ve ever seen.  Below are a few photos I’ve taken that are hanging around my home that I enjoy looking at and a few that have ended up on some of my web projects as hero images or background images.

No trendy filters or editing, just raw unedited moments.

I adhere to the designers code of professional conduct.

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