Walter (Vladic) David III

Integrated Creative Professional

Web Development   |   Graphic Design   |   Social Media   |   Digital Marketing   |   Digital Printing   |   IT


Adobe Illustrator

Affinity Designer

Adobe Photoshop

Affinity Photo

Web Development

Sublime Text / TexMate / Atom

CSSEdit / Espresso

Netbeans - Linux

Adobe Dreamweaver


Equinux MailDesigner

Sequel Pro

MySQL Workbench

CMS Development





Audio Video

Apple Logic


Apple FinalCut

Additional Software

Adobe InDesign



Microsoft Office(2003 Certified)

Application Development IDE

Xojo IDE - ooC, C+

Operating Systems

MacOS X (Developer)

Windows (Developer)

Linux - Mint, Kubuntu, ElementaryOS








ooC, C+

IT Certifications

• Microsoft Certified Professional
• Desktop Support Technician
• Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
• Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Web Development

Experience in creating professional, content driven web sites for clients with clean and easily understood user interfaces. Designing and implementing email newsletter campaigns (iContact, MailChimp, SharpSpring, ParDot) and banner advertising that direct users to landing pages with measurable statistics or the ability to capture user information in a database. Implementation of SEO, keyword and PPC options as well as social media integration into new or existing websites. Installation of WordPress and other similar CMS software, databases, themes, plug-ins and customization for clients. Implementation and management of server hosting spaces (RackSpace, MediaTemple, GoDaddy, etc), as well as support and troubleshooting Apache, PHP, MySql and Linux Services via SSH or a control panel.

Graphic Design

Technical UI illustration for web, product design and development, logos, visual styling and conceptual design for clients and pre-press / rip. Strong knowledge of CMYK, trapping, bleeds and separation output as well as knowledge of the current versions of most major graphic design software, keyboard commands and short cuts. Familiar with working in a cross platform .pdf work flow environment as well as working with postscript rips and hot folders for high end print production equipment. Extremely proficient on both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. Experience designing in many areas such as large and grand format, web and interactive media, digital quick printing, pre-production, video media, audio, commercial signs, screen printing and offset.

Social Media

Experience integrating social media into a clients online marketing strategy. Delivering fresh, updated content either through linking social media accounts to a website or by scheduling posts in an online service such as Hootsuite. Experience customizing social media accounts for clients to match their corporate look and feel for a consistent online presence. Experience settings up tabs, contests and promotions on Facebook using apps like WooBox as well as FBML and StaticHTML pages and integrating them into existing websites.

Digital Printing

Hands on experience running large/grand format roll-to-roll and flatbed printers, as well as loading material and finishing the final products. Experience setting up files for large/grand format printing in the pre-production stage, as well as have a working understanding of basic rip software (Onyx Postershop). I also have a well rounded knowledge of material and types, such as vinyl, canvas, mesh, etc. and finishing types such as hems and grommets, welds, pockets, etc. and the applications for which they are used. Finally, I have run a vinyl plotter and have cut and installed vinyl graphics and understand the design and installation aspects of cut vinyl and how it is applied. Early background consists of screen printing on textiles and plastics. Proficient knowledge of separations of artwork for film and burning screens for screen printing presses. Knowledge of ink color mixing and PMS color matching for exact color reproductions. Proficient in screen printing spot or process on light or dark textiles and plastics.


Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. Experience with the technical aspects of installing hardware and software, as well as building expandable custom workstations and servers from the ground up to meet storage and data needs. Setting up local networks via DHCP, Static IP, TCP/IP, Appletalk, NFS, smb and afp for cross platform connectivity between Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux workstations. Additional knowledge of setting up routers, hubs and network devices such as IP printers and rips with hot folders, as well as making network cat 5 cables and other basic administrative network tasks. Intermediate command line and terminal skills on Windows, Debian and Unix systems. (Basically, I can install and maintain my own workspace.)

Online Portfolio

Due to current confidentiality agreements my digital portfolio will be made available only to interested persons at their express request.

I adhere to the designers code of professional conduct.

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