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SEO – META Keywords Don’t Matter Anymore

By November 1, 2012March 5th, 2021Technology

We all still get those emails and cold calls from SEO experts saying that your site XYZ isn’t optimized for higher search rankings on search engine ABC because your keywords aren’t good enough, and for hundreds of dollars they’ll provide you with meta keywords so specially targeted to your website that your rankings and click-throughs will magically quadruple overnight. But really? Do keywords even matter anymore in this day and age of internet search? Well sadly for most SEO “experts and teachers” who are preaching extensive thorough long-tailed keyword research, the answer is no.

Meta Keywords Just Don't MatterKeyword meta tags have largely been ignored by major search engines for a little over five years now as the major focus has moved to indexing the meta description and properly formatted page content. Here is a list of <meta> tags that our friends at Google actually index.

Most people who have been in the Advertising/SEO business tend to panic or outright disbelieve this so here it is  straight from one of Google’s senior search engineers.


Ok, so now what? If key words don’t matter anymore, what does Google and other search engines index and how are you supposed to move up the ladder in search results?

Well fear not! If you’ve spent more hours than you care to admit painfully crafting the perfect set of keywords for your website they still can prove to be an excellent starting point for writing your on page body content and page descriptions. As a matter of fact, keyword research  still matters and is as important as ever when it comes to the creation of a websites body content . Writing quality, focused content is now king. The idea now is to produce good-quality targeted content as often as you can to rise in the ranks of Google’s latest indexing algorithms.