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A Simple US GDPR Privacy Policy – How I’m Handling It

By May 24, 2018March 5th, 2021Rants, Technology, Web Development

GDPR privacy has created a sudo-circus panic atmosphere among (US) web developers as we all try and figure out how to get all the sites we host and manage compliant. Since it is way easier if you don’t offer any eCommerce or product sales though your site, or are not a multi-national business bases in the US, something as simple as the following privacy policy should work for blogs and brochure ware sites. At least, this is how I’m handling it. Obviously, and in your own website and then feel free to modify this a bit with some extra sarcasm for our friends in the EU.

Privacy Policy – The website is hosted and located in United States (USA), with no business dealings with any country outside the US. It uses cookies and analytics to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic & personalize some content. This website collects ZERO personally identifiable information besides contact form submissions. If you’re in the EU and have rights under the GDPR and wandered here by accident or by curiosity, feel free to look around. If you have GDPR concerns – then don’t use the site, leave now.

If you want to know more about the GDPR and WordPress compliance try this blog article over at WP-Beginner. There is a lot of suggestions and tips on how to get your WordPress site compliant. Also, take a look at WordPress 4.9.6 or later, as they added tools for handling GDPR request by exporting and deleting a users data, as well as a privacy policy generator too.

WordPress Privacy Tools
WordPress Privacy Generator

If your managing a multi-national company, IOT or eCommerce site, you’d be better off looking at OneTrust to manage all your online compliance and user privacy settings. MailChimp has the best example of OneTrust in action. It scans your site and lets you add scripts to show a privacy policy as well as a control panel to disable cookies and scripts on the site. It also has a contact form to request data and delete personally identifiable information.

One Trust Privacy Policy - GDPR Privacy

One Trust Control Panel - GDPR Privacy