That one person.. that we all know..

By February 10, 2013February 10th, 2015Blog, Rants

Someone sent me this… and I swear I can pick this personality out from a few jerks I know. Hahaha..

1.) Addresses a person as if they have no clue who they are – even if you’ve known them for years.
2.) Acts important like a god taking to a dog who’s really busy.
3.) States the obvious.
4.) Suggests highly improbable consequences to the situation.
5.) Always suggests a solution to the problem in patronizing way.
6.) Deflects their thoughts to a secondary source like their too busy for the conversation.
7.) Uses overly dramatic pronunciation and big words that make no sense in the context of the conversation.
8.) Acts just irritated and angry enough that you don’t feel you can answer anything without setting them off.
9.) Does this all in a highly inappropriate place and time that belittles people.