Winter in Skee-Town

By March 8, 2012August 16th, 2012Blog, Rants

Mornings are mindless for me. I drive into work gripping my coffee, silently cursing  at all of the slow idiots that live in North Muskegon and anyone past or present that had any part of making the speed limit 25 on Ruddaman Drive. It’s even worse in the winter. Every retiree comes out at quarter to eight in a big hurry to go nowhere — really slow. It makes that god forsaken road even slower for all of us trying to get to work.  So my day was pleasantly interrupted from internally yelling at one of these said idiots when one of them up and rear-ended another one of their own said kind right in front of me. It was an epic failure of 5 mile per hour old person fender bender.  After a few minutes of willing them to at least move their vehicles out of the way with pure rage and frustration, I turned off my car, got out and snapped a few pictures of the lake. There is a 20 minute difference between the photos… and I was late for work.