Wisita Videos As Backgrounds or Light-boxes in WordPress

By February 22, 2018March 5th, 2021Web Development

Many of the newer WordPress themes have built in functionality for adding videos as backgrounds or in pop-up light boxes. A lot a add-on plugins that deal with video this have this too. However most, if not all, present a box to enter a URL to the video that only supports either using YouTube or Vimeo videos – which leaves Wistia users scratching their heads.

I personally find Wistia to be a far superior hosting service for displaying video in my web development projects, so I wanted to figure out how to use the videos just like YouTube and Vimeo even though Wisita doesn’t give you direct links to the videos like those services. Anyways, I really couldn’t find any documentation on Wistia’s site on how to use their videos as an oEmbed type piece of media that WordPress could use.

I’m not talking about just embedding the video on the page. Thats easy and Wistia gives you plenty of options to plop it anywhere. I’m looking for those chromeless background videos that you can overlay images and type over and really make pop on a page.

I first tried just grabbing the URL from the video page to see if this would work. NOPE.

Here’s the default embed code. This doesn’t work for anything other than embedding on the page in an iframe. I did try to use this too, but I figured it would fail, and it did.

However, there is an oEmbed URL for WordPress and I got excited thinking this was the URL I needed to make this service work. So I clicked the button and grabbed the code.

Nope – This doesn’t work either.

So I tried just this part. This fails too. Which this just ended up being the same as the URL to the video.

I then went back to the embed code and started pulling it apart line by line, by hope was this link was the ticket:

Nope, this was a dead end too. So on a whim I just started clicking different options for the embed code to see if I could get different urls. The solution ended up presenting itself with these options clicked:

This bit of code can be used just like a YouTube or Vimeo link anywhere you can enter a video URL in a WordPress theme or plugin even though it doesn’t say Wisita specifically.

tl;dr – solution:

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