WordPress Plug-in’s Roundup 2

By March 14, 2011Blog

So now that WordPress 3.1 has been released, i’ve been going through a few more of the WordPress installations that i’ve done, doing the updates to the new version. In doing so I’ve found a few more of the not so standard plug-ins that I have found very useful. Again, these are more notes to myself so I have them all in one place, but if your a WordPress Dev you might find these useful for your next project.

9-seeds (wp 3.1 compatible) – 9seeds.com
A concert and event ticketing system built expressly for wordpress. With WP Event Ticketing we’ve made it easy to sell tickets for your event right from your own WordPress website. You can create multiple ticket types, set up ticket packages, offer coupons, limit ticket sales based on total attendance or per ticket-type, collect payment via PayPal and many more features. (wp 3.1 compatible)

WP-Malwatch (wp 3.1 compatible)
WP-MalWatch is a WordPress security plugin scanner designed to help alert you when hackers have been at work inside your blog.It loos for hidden files, disguised .PHP, and malicious .HTACCESS files in various directores. WP-MalWatch performs a security scan of your WordPress installation nightly looking for evidence of foul play and if WP-MalWatch finds it, a dashboard widget will tell you were you should take a closer look.

Hellos Bar – Announcements (wp 3.1 compatible)
This plugin adds fixed bar at the top of your browser screen to show announcements (controlled by a custom post type [CPT]) on each page load.

Clean Admin (wp 3.1 compatible)
A beautiful redesign of the wordpress admin them using CSS to make it look cleaner with adding some cool eye candy to the buttons and animations.

Super Refer A Friend (Says wp 3.0.5 compatible, but works in wp 3.1)
Super Refer A Friend is plugin which adds a new widget to your blog which allows readers to email the page they are on to a friend via a popup box. They can enter more than one email address and customize the message that is sent. The plugin includes a captcha and you can set a mailing limit to prevent spam.

WP MU Domain Mapping (wp 3.1 compatible)
One of the coolest (if not the coolest) parts of running a WordPress Multisite installation is mapping domains to turn network sites into unique domains that can carry their own identity.

WP-DBManager (wp 3.1 compatible)
This little gem is amazing for backing up your website. It actually has quite a few functions that it can perform but perhaps it’s most impressive feature is it’s ability to email the entire WordPress database to me every day.