WP Hide Post & WordPress Meta Robots

By March 15, 2011Blog

There might come a time when you have a WordPress page that you want to keep hidden from SEO crawling robots that index for google and yahoo. But why you ask? Can’t I just make a page private? Well yes, but say your creating a landing page for an email blast an you are not utilizing a login or registration system on your site, non-logged in or registered visitors can not view the page. Maybe you even want to have a page where a client can view proofs of artwork, or a private portfolio or news system, and again you don’t necessarily want them to log in or to register to view it.

You’ll need to be able to direct people to this page by providing a link, but you don’t want it searchable in google or searchable in your RSS feeds or your site search. This is where these two handy plug-in’s come in: WP Hide Post & WordPress Meta Robots. These two plug-in’s will effectively hide a page or post from viewer and site crawlers, so unless you know the link, your not getting to the page.

WP Hide Post enables a user to control the visibility of items on the blog by making posts and pages selectively hidden in different views throughout the blog, such as on the front page, category pages, search results, etc.

WordPress Meta Robots gives you full control of the meta robots tag for each post or page. Meta robots have a direct influence to the indexing behavior of search engines and controls index, follow index, nofollow noindex, follow noindex, and the nofollow tags. Some themes already include this feature in the theme options, but most do not on a per page or post basis, this is an easy way to add it back in.