Sublime – ColorPicker

By Blog, Web Development

Well, this is worth it if your a Sublime user. ColorPicker enables a color picker dialog and allows users to insert or change a selected color. To open the color picker, simply type cmd+shift+c on a Mac, or ctrl+shift+c on Windows or Linux. By default the hexcode inserted…

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Leadership & Culture

By Rants

For those that hold a leadership position, creating an environment in which the people in your charge feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves is your responsibility as a leader. The culture starts with your lead. If there is no culture or the vision is…


Please, please, no more RFPs

By Web Development

I love this article from Smashing Magazine called A comprehensive web planning guide. This outlines pretty much everything wrong with agency web quoting and why I want to stay in bed most days. Everything goes back to planning, communication and having all the right people in the room…

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What Damn Fold? RANT

By Rants

It’s 2018 – wanna know what makes my eye twitch? Every device in the world that has ever existed that has ever displayed the internet in any way, shape or form has always scrolled down to display additional content. Heck, until modern responsive design, most every application on…

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Code Of Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

By Rants, Web Development

Professionalism. Integrity. Competence. Design professionals have certain fundamental obligations to society, to clients, to the profession, and to peers and colleagues. The Code of Professional Conduct states guidelines and rules for the conduct of design professionals in fulfilling those obligations. The Code is arranged in three tiers of…

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