Catalina 30 Vector Download

By Start
Download Catalina c30 Vector .EPS File The file is an .EPS (Adobe Encapsulated Postscript). This file will open with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Affinity Designer, InkScape or any other vector editing program.
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Troubleshooting SSL For Free Errors

By Web Development

Having an SSL on a domain is pretty much the standard now, and many developers choose to use SSL For Free as their certificate provider. However, many people do in fact have issues getting and/or renewing certificates for unknown reasons. Here are a couple of my tips to…

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Alexa, Solitair and Digital Toilets

By Rants, Technology
I thought the future would be filled with flying cars and personal jetpacks. Turns out I was way off. Welcome to the future where Alexa can now flush the toilet for you while you play solitaire on your smart phone. Read the article here: Introducing The Kohler Numi...
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