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Killing Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress with htaccess

By April 1, 2015March 5th, 2021Technology

FilesMatchprotect-wordpress_original is used to target multiple files using Regular expressions with .htaccess files on Apache. Huh?

This is a note to myself. If you find it useful, cool. Add this to the default WordPress .htaccess file. Note, as an unfortunate side effect, this also kills WordPress’ App for the iPhone by Automatic’s ability to post to WordPress though mobile. However, whitelisting your IP (Static) whilst connected to a router by uncommenting and using the is a janky work around. But I guess if you HATE Trackbacks and Pingbacks, this is the killer.

<FilesMatch "^(xmlrpc\.php|wp-trackback\.php)">
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
#Allow from x.x.x.

Learn more about XML-RPC Support in WordPress and why everything about this post is usually a bad idea.