By June 28, 2017May 16th, 2018Blog, Rants

I stop my car in traffic to get a big turtle out of the road in front of Bear Lake Tavern (Muskegon) on the way to work. While getting out of my car my elbo pushes the lock down on my Jeep. So as cars are piling up in the street behind me at 7:45am on a curve before a bridge and I’m doing my good deed for the universe and nature, I come back to my running car only to realize i’ve been locked out. “No good deed goes unpunished”, I hear Karma yell in my head.

So I check all the other doors walking around my car and their all locked. The people in all the cars behind me are confused and getting pissed. I start to panic, but remember I grabbed some music equipment out of my trunk just before I left the house. I walk around back and bingo!, the back hatch is unlocked.

I do a quick turn and glance at the cars behind me and I can see it dawning in the face of the guy behind me what I did, and he starts laughing as I proceed to climb through my trunk (i’m a pretty big guy) trying to reach the locks in the back passanger side of my Jeep Commander.

As I get over the passanger seat, I roll upside down on my back open the door and fall onto the street all in one swift ungraceful move . I stand up, turn, and then bow extravagantly to the cars behind me, unlock the drivers door get in and drive away.. That was my Tuesday…